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Long-Time Union Member Enjoys AT&T Savings with Union Plus

Dennis Taff has been a proud union member for more than thirty years serving as a local steward and eventually a national union representative. Throughout his working career, Taff has always tried to support the union cause.

Taff is a proud Union Plus Credit Cardholder. Recently, Taff took advantage of one of the benefits offered by Union Plus when he earned a $100 AT&T Smartphone Upgrade Rebate.

“Union Plus is endorsed by the AFL-CIO, and that’s most important to me,” Taff said. “I always try to use union-friendly companies.”

As a Union Plus Credit Cardholder, you may be eligible to receive a $100 rebate on an upgrade or new purchase of a smartphone, and if you switch to AT&T from another provider, you may be eligible for up to a $250 rebate when switching to AT&T (qualifying monthly data plan required).

Additionally, union members and retirees can save 15 percent on the monthly service charge of qualified wireless plans from AT&T through Union Plus.2 (Requires valid proof of membership with an AFL-CIO member union by the account holder. Additional restrictions apply.) Visit for details.

"I highly recommend AT&T, and not only for cell service,” Taff said. “We’ve had AT&T landlines at my residence as long as I can remember, and AT&T cell service is second to none. I’m very happy with AT&T.”

Taff found the AT&T Smartphone Upgrade Rebate application process to be easy. He simply filled out the form and returned it to Union Plus.

“The person who received my application walked me through the process and made sure I had the correct identification number on my account,” Taff said. “Once that was squared away, there was no problem. I received my rebate in a very timely manner.”

Taff said he receives monthly email updates about Union Plus rebates, discounts and other benefits.

“When other union members ask about Union Plus, I always tell them that this is the credit card program your union supports,” Taff said. “There is a link to Union Plus on the union’s website, and all the benefits are explained there. I’ve always tried to support the union in everything I do.”

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