Free Brochure Displays for Union Leaders

Get your members the latest information about Union Plus benefits

Display benefits where your members congregate!

When you request a brochure display, you'll receive for free:

  • A blue benefits display,
  • And assorted benefits pamphlets.

About every three months, Union Plus will automatically send you a new supply of the credit card applications and brochures, coupons, and flyers highlighting the many other valuable and cost-saving Union Plus benefits.display box.jpg

Set-Up and Use
The three-pocket brochure display is easy to set up and use. Simply place it on a table in a high-traffic area where union members will see it - e.g. a work-site, cafeteria or training center. Then drop in the brochures that come with the display.
Order Today

Click here to order your FREE brochure display or call 1-800-472-2005. Your members will thank you for the information!