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NATCA Member Saves on Family’s Electronics with Union Plus

Tim Samsel, a recently retired air traffic controller, liked to talk to newer colleagues about the Union Plus benefits available to them, including the Union Plus Wireless Program's discounts and the Union Plus Deals App. Samsel shares a wireless plan with his electronics-loving family and knows how easy it is to get union member discounts if you just know where to look for them.

NATCA Member Saves on Family’s Electronics with Union Plus

Tim Samsel shares a phone plan with his wife and two sons: that means a lot of electronics in his house. So when Samsel's union, the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA), emailed its members about AT&T wireless plan discounts through the Union Plus Wireless Program, Samsel and his wife were eager to check it out.

"We went into the local AT&T store to find out and see if we could get a better deal on our family phone plan," Samsel recalls. "Sure enough, it saved us money."

When the AT&T staff realized he was a NATCA member, they applied the Union Plus Wireless Program discount to the Samsels' existing AT&T phone plan.

When Samsel and other union members choose AT&T, they support more than 150,000 union members at the only nationwide unionized wireless carrier. With the Union Plus Wireless Program, union members and retirees receive a 15% monthly service charge discount on qualified wireless plans1 and a 20% discount on select phone accessories.2

The Samsels also use the Union Plus Deals mobile phone app, which members can use to get discounts on everything from pizza and movie tickets to car rentals and local attractions.

"Our family is making a more conscious effort to see if there are better deals available for union families through the app," Samsel says.

Samsel recently retired after a long career as an air traffic controller — more than 28 years. He worked with a lot of younger men and women who are new to NATCA and he made it a point to tell them about the benefits offered through Union Plus.

"The younger workforce doesn’t realize the discounts are even there," Samsel says. "Myself and the other guys make sure they know to look for discounts through the union."

To learn more about wireless discounts for union members, visit unionplus.org/att.

To explore Union Plus everyday discounts, visit unionplus.org/entertainment and follow the instructions to register for discounts with Abenity and start saving.


Union members get wireless plan discounts through the Union Plus Wireless Program


115% ON THE MONTHLY SERVICE CHARGE OF QUALIFIED WIRELESS PLANS: Available only to current members of qualified AFL-CIO member unions, other authorized individuals associated with eligible unions and other sponsoring organizations with a qualifying agreement. Must provide acceptable proof of union membership such as a membership card from your local union, a pay stub showing dues deduction or the Union Plus Member Discount Card and subscribe to service under an individual account for which the member is personally liable. Offer contingent upon in-store verification of union member status. Discount subject to agreement between Union Privilege and AT&T and may be interrupted, changed, or discontinued without notice. Discount applies only to recurring monthly service charge of qualified voice and data plans, not overages. Not available with unlimited voice plans. For Family Talk, applies only to primary line. For all Mobile Share plans, applies only to monthly plan charge of plans with 1GB or more, not to additional monthly device access charges. Additional restrictions apply. May take up to 2 bill cycles after eligibility confirmed and will not apply to prior charges. Applied after application of any available credit. May not be combined with other service discounts. Visit UnionPlus.org/ATT or contact AT&T at 866-499-8008 for details.

220% OFF SELECT ACCESSORIES: AT&T will apply the Accessory Discount to the prices of select Accessories available through AT&T, which may be modified by AT&T from time to time. The term "Accessory" or "Accessories" means supplementary parts for Equipment (e.g. batteries, cases, earbuds). The Accessory Discount will not apply to Accessories purchased for use with datacentric Equipment such as modems, replacement SIM cards and car kits or to Apple-branded Accessories, and the Accessory Discount may not be combined with any other promotional pricing.