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All the ways we help union members when times are tough

Have you been laid off?

Layoff assistance helps union members who have lost their jobs. You may be eligible for a job loss grant and other benefits to help keep you going.

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Summary Plan Descriptions for the Union Plus Hardship Programs:

Look what people are saying

The assistance we received certainly helped us deal with the realities of the situation.

Thomas O. IAFF Local 90

It was nice knowing that someone was working for me just because I am a union member. I didn't realize this union benefit existed, but I'm so glad it does. It put me in a much better position to pay off my medical bills.

Angela N. AFT/AFSCME, Local 300

I made a phone call, and wow—one phone call to Union Plus—they really helped me out. It was incredible. It was almost like a dream.

John S. IBEW