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Union-Made Pet Products

While we’re spending a lot of time at home during the Coronavirus pandemic, many are deciding that now is the perfect time to adopt a pet! Check out our list of union-made pet products for your new pet.

Union-Made Pet Products


Pets bring so much joy into our lives, especially now with stay at home orders in place. There’s a surge of pet adoptions as a result of people wanting companionship during this challenging time. More time at home means more time to bond with your new pet! To help you prepare and welcome your new furry friend, we’ve gathered a list of union-made dog and cat products for you.

Union-Made Cat Products
9 Lives Purina Beneful
Fancy Feast Purina Cat Chow
Fresh Step Purina One
Friskies Purina Pure Plan
Litter Green Tidy Cats
Purina Animal Feeds  


Union-Made Dog Products


ALPO Dog & Puppy Food Purina Beneful
Beggin’ Strips Purina Dog Chow
Chew-eez Dog Treats Purina Puppy Chow
Milk Bone Dog Biscuits Purina Pure Plan
Purina Animal Feeds Snausages Dog Snacks